Green Pest Control Doesn't Stand Behind Their Work

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Green Pest Control, 32 Office Park Drive Hattiesburg, MS 39402 owner Mr. Green is rude and doesn't stand behind their work.

They were hired to spray for bugs. They did. I called them concerned that there were still bugs wanting to discuss an alternate treatment. Mr.

Green simply said, "Maybe you need to find another exterminator." I was appalled. This man could have been courteous and polite and discuss additional treatment options for us, but he opted for the low road and poor customer service and poor customer relations route. I would definately not recommend this company and Mr. Green.

What could have been an opportunity for Mr.

Green to help us and gain a long term customers turned into a very unhappy customer writing a complaint. If you want a company who stands behind their work and values your business, you might look elsewhere.

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Green Pest Control Hattiesburg MS Doesn't Stand behind their work!

Petal, Mississippi
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We used Green Pest Control 32 Office Park Drive Hattiesburg, MS 39402-6019 to spray our home. With the summer coming around there were signs of bug droppings. They sprayed, and stayed a maximum of 8-10 minutes.

A week later I noticed fresh roach droppings in my kitchen drawers. Needless to say, I was concerned, having just spent $75.00. I called and left a message for the owner Wayne Green that I would like to talk with him about a job that was done by his company. I was worried that mopping my floor a couple days after the treatment might have affected the effectiveness of the job. Over a week passed by, and I never heard from Mr. Green. So, I called him back, and he answered.

I explained to Mr. Green that we were seeing fresh droppings in the silverware drawer since spraying 2 weeks prior; and I expressed concern that cleaning the kitchen floors a couple days later could have had some adverse effect on the treatment. He said to me, "Just what are you trying to get to?" I responded, "Well, what I am getting to is that I still have roach droppings in my silverware drawer." His immediate and snide response to me was, "Maybe you need to find another company". I said, "Thank you, I'll do that."

I would not recommend this company to anyone! They didn't stand behind the work they did; who wants to do business with a company like this?

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The complainants story is a typical example of a business owner who is miserable at communicating and maintaining goodwill with their customer. A savvy business owner would have recognized this an an opportunity to build a better relationship and promote more effective services to solve the customer's problem. The customer would have had their bug issues dealt with and the owner of the pest control company would have had more revenue AND a happy customer.


Expecting $75 to solve a roach problem is silly. The lady is ignorant about pesticides and their limitations.

Try this. Remove EVRYTHING from you cabinets and drawers. Clean them top to bottom. Dust them with over the counter product.

Install roach bait stations from Walmart. Clean EVERYTHING in the home. Repair all water leaks. Seal all crevaces after dusting.

Seal outlets and wall switches. Take out the trash. Put away the food. Clean under the fridge.

Pesticides are only one small part of getting rid of roaches. The lady expects too much and without further info the pest control person is doing a poor job of communicating. What does it really take to get rid of roaches in a 1,000 square foot home?

About $300; 16 hours of cleaning and 1 month of re-baiting. Sanitation is 90% of roach control.

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